map16 & Clancy

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The team travelled all the way up to Scotland last week to meet with Clancy. Trialling our proactive innovations to support their sewer management processes around the country, the goal is to increase workforce efficiencies and reduce costs 💡📈 Looking forward to see where this could lead!


ISO Certifications

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Based on our new integrated management system (IMS), we sought the expertise of Craig Nutty BSc CQP MCQI from XACTX to guide and coach us in the design, development, implementation, ongoing maintenance and continual improvement of our IMS 📈

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 from Alcumus, and ISO QAR & ISO IEC 80079-34 (IECEx QAR, UKEx QAN and ATEX QAN) from ExVeritas 🏆

We’re super proud of this achievement, further demonstrating our commitment to first-class service delivery, conforming explosive atmosphere product manufacturing, reduced environmental impacts, and most importantly the health, safety, and wellbeing of our valued team here at map16.


Anglian Water Supplier Awards

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🏆 Excited and honoured to have played a part in the winning team at the Anglian Water Supplier Awards! 🌟

Congratulations to Anglian Water’s Risk Identifying Sewer Cleaning Team as they were selected as winners in The Digital Change & Transformation Award category.

We are very proud to have played a part in developing an award-winning software solution for Anglian Water and their IMR WR Alliance.

A fantastic effort all around and we are especially proud for the way everyone has worked together and improved efficiencies in the way they manage their wastewater network!


Welsh Government Innovation Day

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It was our pleasure to be a part of the Welsh Government’s Innovation Drainage Day in Cardiff last week; we showcased some of the work we’re doing across Wales and demonstrated some of our latest innovations in software and sensor technology. Thanks to David Denner and Paul Andrews for hosting, and to everyone for coming along. Not a bad view either!


International Women’s Day 2023

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Out of our 10 members of staff, 3 of them are women. Yep, 30%.

But working across product development, GIS and marketing, the women that work with us are a vital part of the map16 team, showing up every single day to lead and influence.

It’s this 30% who have been working on some of the company’s biggest contracts from day 1.

It’s this 30% who have held some of our most crucial decision-making discussions as a company.

It’s this 30% who have led a re-structure of the entire office.

It’s this 30% who have attended several leading industry exhibitions.

It’s this 30% who have pitched and presented our innovations to clients.

The women that work with us play a huge part in keeping the team ticking from day to day, and are championed and valued, always.


SophieEmma & Jemma 👏

map16 Does Movember

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map16 does Movember 🧔🏻‍♂️

The boys have said goodbye to their beards and hello to visions of handlebars, pencils and walrus’s, all in the name of raising money to support men’s mental health & suicide prevention services, and prostate & testicular cancer treatments. But to give ourselves a more challenging feat, (and to get the ladies involved), at the end of the month we’re embarking on a 24-hour Everest watt bike climb. We will attempt to cycle the height of Mount Everest as many times as possible in 24 hours. We really would appreciate any donations you can give, all funds go directly to the wonderful worldwide Movember charity. Our Movember donation link is below

Donation Link Below