Essex Installation

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A successful mission installing gully sensors and a flood monitoring camera with Ringway Jacobs and Essex Highways last week, making the highway safer during this incredibly wet weather. A great way to start the year, the first of many exciting projects to come.

London Borough of Redbridge Gully Sensors

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map16 Asset Management have started working with The London Borough of Redbridge to supply them with their Smart IoT Gully Sensor system.

map16 have created an IoT gully sensor that combines IoT with innovative and resilient sensor technology that can be used to predict and monitor the impacts of moderate to severe weather events. Using 4G technology to communicate, gully sensors have the ability to work together to provide users with a live feed of key gully levels, lid opening and grid obstructions such as parked cars and leaf cover. The data then feeds into the map16 SaaS IoT platform and creates predictive analytics, risk forecasting and weather event modelling, complied into a fully integrated data-centric dashboard.

The London Borough of Redbridge has identified flooding hotspots within the area and will now use the technology to detect early signs of flooding and start predicting a gully’s behaviour by linking the data to predicted rainfall within the area.

Dhiresh Bhatt, Head of Highways at the London Borough of Redbridge said “Parts of the London Borough of Redbridge alongside many other boroughs were flooded in July 2021, which prompted us to investigate how technology can help us ensure our infrastructure is working as it should. We want to install gully sensors to better understand our infrastructure in our flooding hotspots and the effect of our cyclical cleaning regime has with a view to adjusting that programme if required and becoming more proactive in our asset maintenance.”


Winner – Design, Construction And Asset Management – Highways UK 2019

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map16 had a great two days at the Highways UK conference with a win in the Design, Construction and Asset Management Category. Our focus was on outlining how our gully sensor will create the next generation of connected gully networks using the latest IoT technology.

Winner in the Design, Construction and Asset Management Category

Our presentation touched on key system functionality, including custom IoT sensor design, live level updates and much more.

  • Live Updates
  • Pre-Warning Systems
  • Optimisations and targeted Cleansing
  • Drainage Network Modelling

Find out more about how our gully sensor can benefit all Local Authorities around the UK.

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Highways UK – Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge 2019

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Highways UK

We are pleased to announce that map16 has been shortlisted for the Highways UK – Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge, in association with Costain. We are shortlisted for the category of “Design, construction and asset management”. The event is being held on 6th & 7th November 2019 at the NEC.

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As part of the challenge, we have been invited to make a short elevator pitch followed by a Q&A panel interview with expert judges.

IoT gully sensor system, which monitors the drainage network and pre-warns local authorities of floods.


We have designed a complete end to end gully sensor solution with our extensive understanding of the industry and an innovative approach has allowed us to create a robust, scalable sensor solution for gully management.

Our aim is to provide sensors at a price point that enables large scale deployments and that facilitates considerable efficiencies across county-wide areas.

We are extremely proud to have been shortlisted in this category and in such a prestigious event against very strong challengers. map16 wish all the other shortlisters good luck in the event.

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map16 - Gully Sensor

map16 Gully Sensors

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Creating the next generation of connected gully network.


map16 have created a specifically designed gully sensor system that encompasses the principles core to our business, whilst using the latest IoT technology.

Our solution not only notifies the end user to the condition of each individual gully, but it also gives an overview of the network’s performance prior, during and after each weather event. This sort of data is invaluable when designing cleansing regimes or when drainage modelling is required. Our IoT platform will ultimately give greater insight to creating a well-managed and maintained road network.

One of the key features to all our solutions is the truly bespoke nature of them. This is no more evident and is at the core of our IoT sensor solution. Each solution has been custom designed in house using our 25+ years of industry knowledge.

Designed to cope with the significant impacts from gully suctions equipment and the harshest of conditions.


The robust nature of the gully sensor – by virtue of it’s design – makes the device extremely durable and able to cope with significant impacts from gully suction equipment and the harshest weather conditions. Each sensor gives a clear indication of the current level of a gully or pit, including silt and water level. These can be categorised as a % or just a simple scale as shown below:

  • High
  • Medium (Blocked at Connection)
  • Low
  • Empty

Data from each sensor is output to the nearest gateway via a LoRa networking protocol. LoRa technology allows the long-range transmission of data with extremely low power requirements giving:

  • Incredible asset management range – up to 10 miles line of sight, 1 to 3 miles into buildings
  • Integration support with a variety of partner and private Cloud Platforms
  • 2-way communication over any certified cellular network for cost effective global deployments

We are able to achieve a battery life in excess of 5 years thanks to the design and development of the map16 LoRa node.


We are able to achieve a battery life in excess of 5 years thanks to the design and development of the map16 LoRa node, a custom circuit board that specifically suits our applications. The device can almost be completely powered down in between data transmissions, boosting battery life. To ensure full network coverage, we have the ability to deploy either mains connected or solar powered IoT gateways.

map16 can provide our IoT system as a standalone solution or it can be integrated into our clients existing map16 system architecture, providing live feeds from all the sensors installed. Our web dashboard comprises of four main parts;

  • Live Dashboards
  • Live Mapviews
  • Pre-Warning Dashboards
  • Optimisation Dashboard (Big Data Modelling)

Each section being specifically designed to provide clients with easy, usable outputs that will aid the management of their drainage and gully network. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to explore these features in more detail.

Overall, map16 has developed a unique gully sensor system that provides real time information using the latest IoT technology to accurately map the condition of any gully network. This coupled with our industry expertise allows us to offer a realistic and useable product to our clients, giving them the ability to manage highway gully assets in a way that has never been available until now.

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