map16 & Clancy

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The team travelled all the way up to Scotland last week to meet with Clancy. Trialling our proactive innovations to support their sewer management processes around the country, the goal is to increase workforce efficiencies and reduce costs 💡📈 Looking forward to see where this could lead!


ISO Certifications

By Innovation, Map16

Based on our new integrated management system (IMS), we sought the expertise of Craig Nutty BSc CQP MCQI from XACTX to guide and coach us in the design, development, implementation, ongoing maintenance and continual improvement of our IMS 📈

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 from Alcumus, and ISO QAR & ISO IEC 80079-34 (IECEx QAR, UKEx QAN and ATEX QAN) from ExVeritas 🏆

We’re super proud of this achievement, further demonstrating our commitment to first-class service delivery, conforming explosive atmosphere product manufacturing, reduced environmental impacts, and most importantly the health, safety, and wellbeing of our valued team here at map16.


Anglian Water Supplier Awards

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🏆 Excited and honoured to have played a part in the winning team at the Anglian Water Supplier Awards! 🌟

Congratulations to Anglian Water’s Risk Identifying Sewer Cleaning Team as they were selected as winners in The Digital Change & Transformation Award category.

We are very proud to have played a part in developing an award-winning software solution for Anglian Water and their IMR WR Alliance.

A fantastic effort all around and we are especially proud for the way everyone has worked together and improved efficiencies in the way they manage their wastewater network!


Welsh Government Innovation Day

By Innovation, Map16

It was our pleasure to be a part of the Welsh Government’s Innovation Drainage Day in Cardiff last week; we showcased some of the work we’re doing across Wales and demonstrated some of our latest innovations in software and sensor technology. Thanks to David Denner and Paul Andrews for hosting, and to everyone for coming along. Not a bad view either!


Winner – Design, Construction And Asset Management – Highways UK 2019

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map16 had a great two days at the Highways UK conference with a win in the Design, Construction and Asset Management Category. Our focus was on outlining how our gully sensor will create the next generation of connected gully networks using the latest IoT technology.

Winner in the Design, Construction and Asset Management Category

Our presentation touched on key system functionality, including custom IoT sensor design, live level updates and much more.

  • Live Updates
  • Pre-Warning Systems
  • Optimisations and targeted Cleansing
  • Drainage Network Modelling

Find out more about how our gully sensor can benefit all Local Authorities around the UK.

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To find our more about our IoT gully sensors, or any other of our asset management solutions. Get in touch today.

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Gully Sensor

Highways UK – Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge 2019

By Gully Sensors, IoT Sensors, Map16

Highways UK

We are pleased to announce that map16 has been shortlisted for the Highways UK – Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge, in association with Costain. We are shortlisted for the category of “Design, construction and asset management”. The event is being held on 6th & 7th November 2019 at the NEC.

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As part of the challenge, we have been invited to make a short elevator pitch followed by a Q&A panel interview with expert judges.

IoT gully sensor system, which monitors the drainage network and pre-warns local authorities of floods.


We have designed a complete end to end gully sensor solution with our extensive understanding of the industry and an innovative approach has allowed us to create a robust, scalable sensor solution for gully management.

Our aim is to provide sensors at a price point that enables large scale deployments and that facilitates considerable efficiencies across county-wide areas.

We are extremely proud to have been shortlisted in this category and in such a prestigious event against very strong challengers. map16 wish all the other shortlisters good luck in the event.

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Term maintenance contracts

Term Maintenance Contracts, map16 a perfect match

By Map16, Solutions

 A lightweight, easily adaptable solution for collecting and managing your term maintenance assets


Drainage  Grit Bin Management  Safety Barriers  Tree Management  invasive weeds  Grass Cutting  Reactive Works  Planned Works  Traffic Signs


Managing assets on Term maintenance contracts can currently mean using different systems for each asset or workstream. This is often costly and cumbersome to train staff and get a seamless flow of data.

There are often instances on term maintenance contracts when inspections/assessments are carried out on paper which can result in inaccuracies and laborious admin time, as your current system has not got the functionality to cope with a multitude of different assets or work types.

Custom designed to meet each term maintenance contractual requirements while integrating every asset into one system

Our system is design to collect and manage any asset imaginable. Importantly not only do we have the ability and flexibility to create an asset data collection system for any type of  asset but it also has a bespoke designed dashboard that has your key asset data accessible within two clicks.

What makes map16 unique is that we have the ability to not only provide you an asset management system but we also have the ability to give you access to key KPI information using the data you have collected to manage your performance on your contracts on your own bespoke dashboard.

One unified central dashboard gives client the ability to see any asset or workstream. Check out some of our term maintenance contract solutions below or CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OUT SOLTUIONS;


DrainageGully Maintenance 

map16 has designed more than just a gully maintenance system. We are capable of collecting all drainage assets and inspection data, including routine cleansing of gullys, catchpits, soakaways, weir kerbs, grips, cattle grids and any other requirements. These can all be linked to mapped Linear drainage features to complete the most detailed picture of your network. A perfect drainage solution for term maintenance contracts where flexibility is vital.

Our solution is focussed on a risk based approach. Making key decision based on accurate data. Integrating all risk data including EA flood layers, silt levels, elevation models and insurance claims. Prioritise, optimise and reduce.


Solutions - Drainage


Grit Bin Management   Grit Bin Management

map16 provides the complete grit bin management solution. Map all grit bin locations and collect digital grit bin filling records. Create bespoke inspection records with the ability to attach images or videos. Reduce operational costs by using a risk based approach to grit bin replenishment regimes.


Solutions - Grit Bins


Safety Barriers    VRS – Safety Barriers

map16 provides the complete highway safety barrier mapping and management solution. Map all locations locations and collect digital inspection records. Create bespoke inspection records with the ability to attach images or videos. Our user friendly map interface shows live updates of current maintenance activities. It gives the ability to view assets, live inspections and historic data. Query, export and create maps. Remove the need for paper records, automate start and finish eastings and northing. Become more efficient using map16


Solutions - Safety Barriers


Tree ManagementTree Management

map16 provides a complete solution for tree management to the BS 5837 specification. Collect visualise and report. Our mobile app provides easy functionality, with increased user productivity whilst still capturing key tree data. Work offline anywhere and sync data when available.

Our tree management dashboard brings asset and inspection data together in a map based view, which provides decision makers with all the facts in one place. Smart visualisation based on maturity, height, canopy size, condition and environmental variables giving a broader perspective when making key decisions.


Solutions - Tree Management


invasive weedsInvasive Weeds

map16 provides the complete solution for invasive weed mapping and management. Create accurate records of the area covered by the all types of invasive weeds, including Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Mares Tail and Himalayan Balsam. Produce data in a GIS polygon to automatically calculate m2 coverage and shape on the highway. Improve asset inventories by logging new sites against existing client IDs, including collecting images automatically linked to collection data.


map16 - invasive weeds


Grass Cutting   Grass Cutting

map16 provides the complete solution for grass cutting mapping and management. Utilise mapping technology to increase awareness and efficiency, bringing grass cutting into the digital age. Map grass cutting routes and areas, create bespoke cutting records with the ability to attach images or videos.


Solutions - Grass Cutting


Reactive Works  Planned Works   Planned & Reactive Works

Our planned works solution covers all additional works being carried out on the highways networks. This includes high pressure jetting, CCTV drainage, remedial repairs and much more. We provide ruggedised mobile tablets with latest mobile data collection app. Collect all task order jobs, create bespoke records with the ability to map the surrounding infrastructure whilst on site. Creation of automated task logs, saving admin resource.


Solutions - Planned And Reactive