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After a busy and successful 2019, we have kicked off the year with Volker Highways writing an article and CCS Best Practise Hub (Considerate Construction Scheme) posting it to their website, on how our system simplifies grit bin management, as well as how this way of working makes for everyday public safety, convenient and effective for both workers and the public.

CCS is a crucial and cornerstone faculty that was set up by the construction industry to improve its image and any direct/indirect activities that impact the industry. This includes the latest news and upcoming concepts.

grit bin

By having your grit bin assets within map16’s system, we provide dedicated dashboards, graphs and figures to visually show in-office personnel exactly what’s happening with resources, giving the option to download the data or to use the dashboard as the main hub – however you need to access the information, our system makes it seamless.

With the use of tablets, the crews inspect and can visualise the condition, salt level, defects and other necessary attributes relating to the assets. This reflects back to the office and with the ability to take unlimited photos as evidence, this allows authorities to stay on top of grit bin management.

‘Creates an effortless workstream


The design is tailored to meet our client’s needs with constant support from map16. As a result, this provides the contract operatives and local authorities the latest, up-to-date information about their assets, along with any urgent works that need to be carried out.

grit bin dashboard

Clients can have complete control over their system with our innovative and modern use of technology. This greatly increases working efficiency, cutting time to process reactive works against the assets. With the workforce’s insight and knowledge of the area and regular routine maintenance, this creates an effortless workstream for all parties and with this comes fewer causalities and greater precision.

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