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GIS Consultancy

map16 provides a range of gis consultancy services, including asset mapping and flood risk optimisations

Asset Mapping

map16 offer a complete asset inventory collection service, with highly trained staff we can collect multiple asset types with clarity of detail that gives our clients the confidence that things are done right. Live tracking of our progress can be view and interrogated via our bespoke web-based dashboard, giving you the functions to download datasets into any Enterprise asset management system. Our combined 20 years operational experience gives our clients assurance that the job will get done right first time.

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map16 - Consultancy - Paper To Digital

Paper To Digital

Transfer your mountains of paper record into the latest digital geospatial format using our team of skilled GIS technician, we can seamlessly digitised paper maps into datasets that can be introduced into your corporate GIS layers. Track our progress via our bespoke web-based dashboard, export data and transfer into any Enterprise Asset Management System

Flood Risk Analysis & Cyclical Optimisations

The need to change is impacting on all sectors including infrastructure. map16 has a range of tools at its disposal for detailed analysis, helping you to make long terms decisions based on complete network data. Using our team of GIS Technicians we can; Analyse historic inspections, EA flood layers, digital elevation models, 3D road network, tree fall areas and anonymised insurance claims. Creating a network dataset that is risk weighted on an asset by asset basis, we then compare against current cyclical frequencies to produce proposals for future cyclical cleansing that is informed by key data. The aim is to design the most cost-effective and targeted cyclical regimes.
map16 - Flood Risk Analysis

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