Key Features - Waste Dashboard

Analyse All Waste Tipping Data

Create electronic tipping records, monitor tipping month by month, exporting data within one click

Use map16 risk dashboards to Visualise Levels Of Waste being collected across your highway network.

Create a digital footprint capturing all waste disposal information. Collect all key data to create automated tipping logs. Capture photographic information of disposal tickets. One central location for all tipping records ensuring compliance with duty of care regulations, whilst improving internal efficiencies.
  • Geospatial Waste Tracking
  • Automated Tipping Logs
  • Year On Year Waste Analysis
  • Analysis Per Vehicle
Waste Trackable Assets
Unlimited User Access
Vehicle Waste Trackers

Monthly Waste Tracker

Automatically visualise month on month waste trends. Log every vehicles waste disposal data. Bespoke drop down capturing all key information. Build a picture of waste disposal year on year. Track improvements and optimisations
Key Features - Waste Dashboard
map16 - Waste Dashboard

Automated Tipping Log

Create a digital footprint of your waste disposal activities. Remove the need for paper logs. Use our mobile devices to log all waste information, including images of waste tickets to ensure compliance.

Waste Breakdown Per Vehicle

Breakdown tipping data on a vehicle by vehicle basis. Export data for every vehicle in 1 click, reduce back office processing time.
map16 - Waste Dashboard

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