May’s case study comes from a project we’ve recently delved into with the Welsh Government, working with Drainforce to manage the Welsh Government’s drainage assets using our mobile data collection capabilities and bespoke asset dashboards.

Gully Maintenance Case Study


Welsh Government & Drainforce


Drainage Asset Management of Welsh Trunk Roads


map16 Asset Management platform for asset inspections and inventory updates


The Story


The Welsh Government’s trunk road network is currently split into three sections: SWTRA, MWTRA & NWTRA. The Welsh strategic road network covers 1,510 kilometres of trunk road, including six road tunnels and 178 kilometres of motorway. The Welsh Government engaged with map16 Asset Management to work together to develop a system to collect and manage drainage assets across their strategic road network. Our unique skillset allows us to assist the client with managing their asset inventories and updating asset conditions, all housed within a centralised platform. This has given the Welsh Government a deeper understanding of their assets, ultimately leading to a better service to the public.


"map16 was chosen as the main asset management and data collection platform for the 
Welsh Government’s drainage assets on their strategic trunk road network due to its ease 
of use and seamless integration into our Integrated Roads Information System (IRIS). 
Using map16 the Welsh Government has seen an increase in data accuracy allowing our teams to 
drive cleansing efficiencies across our network. Ultimately giving us the tools to 
manage our network more effectively."

David Denner
Highways Technology Manager, Welsh Government


Bringing life into asset management 

Initially, the problem lay in the Welsh Government having their assets managed by multiple systems depending on which agent was managing that part of the road network.  Some areas were using traditional paper methods of asset management, making it difficult to keep a centralised, up to date and accurate asset inventory, with a clear view of each assets condition. The Welsh Government also needed a platform to store all cleansing history in an easy to access location. 

Providing a complete solution for flood and drainage management

The next challenge came as different asset types throughout the network were being managed across separate systems. These included gully’s, catchpits, manholes, and linear drainage. Having all asset information in one place via an easy-to-use interface would become a real problem solver.

Future proofing the Government’s asset management strategy 

The Welsh Government knew they had to do something to future proof their asset management strategy for years to come. They needed a supplier who was able to design a bespoke solution for their requirements, thus being part of a long-term plan for the strategic road networks.

“We really enjoy working with the map16 team,
 the support they give us is excellent.

David Evans Director, Drainforce

The Approach


The Welsh Government engaged with map16 to design a bespoke system for agents in the area to go out and collect asset data live from the field on their strategic road network. They worked closely with us so we could design a bespoke solution for their requirements. Once designed, the client was able to collect and input asset data into the map16 platform using mobile devices.

Each asset is mapped to its precise location, with information such as:

  • Images
  • Silt Levels
  • Defects
  • Asset Name
  • Asset Location
  • Gully Inspection History

Once the assets had been mapped, the Welsh Government were then able to create and manage their cleansing schedules through their inspection dashboard. Here they were able to break down each part of the network to understand exactly which assets need attending, which assets have been cleaned and any asset defects found.


The Benefits


Increased Efficiency

Collecting data on their assets and being able to manage these all within one platform allowed everyone involved with the strategic road network to become more efficient.

Cost Savings

By increasing efficiency on cleansing schedules, savings were made and costings were reallocated to other areas of the business. Creating an accurate asset inventory will allow further savings when moving to a risk-based cleansing approach. The map16 system provides this solution as standard.

Increased Customer Perception

Ensuring assets on the road network are managed correctly is crucial to the Welsh Government as it directly affects the safety of the public. Being able to manage and monitor their drainage network results in a reduction of the impacts of flooding, and causes less disruption to the general public.

Centralised System

Having asset data collected and managed within one user friendly platform has been a huge benefit to the client. As a result, the data they now have on their assets is accurate and updated live.

Operational Excellence

Having a digital approach to asset management and data collection has improved operations within the road network and allows everyone to work to a higher standard.