Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have all your highway assets in a modern, easy to use, standardised system? Look no further, map16 can provide exactly that.

Why not take a standardised approach to asset and inspection data across all highway datasets. Here at map16 we have provided that exact solution, crafted from years of industry knowledge and understanding of what current systems are capable of.

Why not standardise how your workforce view, monitor and export all highway data. Whether its drainage, grass cutting, grit bins or any other, we have a solution to meet your every requirement. Our light weight framework allows map16 to seamlessly design bespoke systems for all our clients.


map16 - Web Dashboard

Gully Maintenance

map16 - Planned And Reactive Works - Dashboard

Planned & Reactive Works

map16 - Arboriculture - Dashboard


map16 - Grit Bin Maintenance - Dashboard

Grit Bin Maintenance

map16 - Grass Cutting - Dashboard

Grass Cutting

map16 - Traffic Signs - Dashboard

Traffic Signs


map16’s complete solution creates an industry standard of asset and inspection data collection, with custom fields and drop down options meeting all requirements. Work live or offline, without any work packages from the office. Not only are we trying to standardise how data is viewed across all work streams, but also change the way data is collected. See how map16 can save you time and money by working in a modern way. Check out our future posts to see how.

One system every asset. Create a standardised approach to mobile data collection and web dashboard reporting.

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