Every solution has been crafted around the specific industry requirements, from gully maintenance to tree management. map16 does it all.


We offer a complete asset management solution for the drainage industry. Collect new assets, create bespoke inspection data. Meeting requirements for county-wide networks. With our mobile solution connect to a live reporting dashboard, we will change the way you collect and manage your assets. Geospatial data is the glue that brings different types of information into one place.
Solutions - Drainage
Solutions - Grit Bins

Grit Bin Management

map16 provides the complete grit bin management solution. Map all grit bin locations and collect digital grit bin filling records. Create bespoke inspection records with the ability to attach images or videos.

Tree Management

map16 provides a complete solution for tree mapping and inspections to the BS 5837 specification. Collect visualise and report. Our mobile app provides easy functionality, with increased user productivity whilst still capturing key tree data. Work offline anywhere and sync data when available.
Solutions - Tree Management
Solutions - Safety Barriers

Safety Barriers

map16 provides the complete highway safety barrier mapping and management solution. Map all locations locations and collect digital inspection records. Create bespoke inspection records with the ability to attach images or videos. Our user friendly map interface shows live updates of current maintenance activities. It gives the ability to view assets, live inspections and historic data. Query, export and create maps. Remove the need for paper records, automate start and finish eastings and northing.

Grass Cutting

map16 provides the complete solution for grass cutting mapping and management. Utilise mapping technology to increase awareness and efficiency, bringing grass cutting into the digital age.
Solutions - Grass Cutting
Solutions - Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs

map16 provides rugidised mobile tablets with the latest data collection app. The app gives the user the functionality to collect bespoke traffic sign inspection information including type, height, shape, backing colour, illumination and condition. Along with this all work can be carried out offline and synced back when required.

Planned And Reactive Works

Our planned works solution covers all additional works being carried out on the highways networks. This includes high pressure jetting, CCTV drainage, remedial repairs and much more. We provide ruggedised mobile tablets with latest mobile data collection app. Collect all task order jobs, create bespoke records with the ability to map the surrounding infrastructure whilst on site. Creation of automated task logs, saving admin resource.
Solutions - Planned And Reactive
map16 - invasive weeds

Invasive Weeds

map16 provides the complete solution for invasive weed mapping and management. Create accurate records of the area covered by the all types of invasive weeds, including Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Mares Tail and Himalayan Balsam. Produce data in a GIS polygon to automatically calculate m2 coverage and shape on the highway.

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