Gully Maintenance

Drainage Mapping & Management

What is our solution?

iPad + Battery Pack
Latest hardware provided. Ensuring the highest data quality and increased working time.
One time setup
Designed to work for a full 12 months with no interaction from office staff.
Any asset or inspection
Collect everything from gullies to cattle grids to linear drainage. No limits.
Custom designed
Create exactly what you require. Make changes quickly and easily.
No more work packages
Custom designed maps on iPads with county wide data synced to devices.
Automated Revisit Maps
Parked cars, blocked connections, traffic management all done for you.
Web Dashboard
A dashboard that gives you everything in one place with detailed reports done for you.
Reduce Back Office Resource
Let the map16 system do the work for you and focus resource elsewhere

A System For All Drainage Assets

map16 has designed more than just a gully maintenance system. We are capable of collecting all drainage assets and inspection data, including routine cleansing of gullys, catchpits, soakaways, weir kerbs, grips, cattle grids and any other requirements. These can all be linked to mapped Linear drainage features to complete the most detailed picture of your network.

Use A Risk Based Approach

Our drainage solution is focussed on a risk based approach. Making key decision based on accurate data. Integrate all risk data including EA flood layers, silt levels, elevation models and insurance claims. Prioritise, optimise and reduce.

Monitor Live Progress From Field

Follow your teams progress day by day. View your current status against KPI's.Track live daily outputs. Monitor efficiencies and create bespoke reports with a touch of a button. User friendly map interface showing live updates of current maintenance activities.

Create A Bespoke System

View assets, live inspections and historic data. Query, export and create maps. Utilised as a tool for resolution of service queries. Increase revenues by building a smarter operation. Automated creation of digital tipping logs. Geo-spatial tracking of tipping locations with year on year data.
Gully Management System

"Focus resource where it's really needed."

Case Studys

We offer a complete asset management solution for the drainage industry. Collect new assets, create bespoke inspection data. Meeting requirements for county-wide networks. With our mobile solution connect to a live reporting dashboard, we will change the way you collect and manage your assets. Geospatial data is the glue that brings different types of information into one place

Assets Managed
Inspections Collected
Km Of Highway Managed
Kent County Council
Luton Borough Council
Gloucestershire County Council
EEG - Euro Environment Group
Volker Highways
map16 - Gully management system - dashboard
map16 - Gully management system - dashboard
map16 ordnance survey partner
map16 - Gully management system - dashboard
map16 - Gully management system - dashboard
map16 - Flood risk mapping
Standardised map view
map16 - Gully management system - dashboard
map16 - Interactive programme

Let map16 create your organisation a bespoke gully maintenance solution designed around your every business need. Use live intuitive dashboards to increase operational efficiencies and enhance user engagement.

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