Facilites Management

Mapping & Works Logging Solutions

What Is Our Solution?

iPad + Battery Pack
Latest hardware provided. Ensuring the highest data quality and increased working time.
One time setup
Designed to work for a full grit bin maintenance cycle with no interaction from office staff.
Map Site Areas
Collect and update your site inventory. Add key conditional and structural information.
Works Reports
Monitor live progress in the field. View your teams progress throughout the site. Records and images
Web Dashboard
A dashboard that gives you everything in one place with detailed reports done for you.
Reduce back office work
Let the map16 system do the work for you and focus resource elsewhere.

Powerful data management, analysis, and visualisation capabilities deliver insight so you can improve efficiency to reduce cost.

map16 gives organizations a look at their facilities across all scales using the same data and software, allowing them to analyse dependencies, decrease costs, makes better decisions, and improve performance management. map16 uses a robust information system that supports a diverse set of analytic capabilities, workflows, and applications.
map16 provides ruggedised mobile tablets with latest mobile data collection app. Collect site assets, create bespoke inspection records with the ability to attach images or videos. Save time and cost on sending work packages.
User friendly map interface showing live updates of current maintenance activities. View assets, live inspections and historic data. Query, export and create maps. Utilised as a tool for resolution of service queries. Increase revenues by building a smarter operation.

"Detect and mitigate risks."

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