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Maintenance Made Easy

View your entire asset network, live inspections, and historic data within bespoke dashboards. Query and export key data. With automated creation of digital tipping logs, track tipping locations with year-on-year data. Follow your teams progress day by day and check your current status against KPI’s. Increase revenues by building a smarter operation. Monitor efficiencies and create bespoke reports with the click of a button. Create maps with user friendly map interfaces, showing live updates of current maintenance activities.

    Mobile Collection

    No more work packages. Sync county wide datasets to every device.

    The innovative way of collecting data allows a one-time setup that enables constant working, with no need of creating separate work packages. Set custom map visualisations to enable teams to get key information live in the field, dramatically reducing the need for office interaction throughout the yearly gully maintenance process.

    Web Dashboards

    Let map16 dashboards do the work for you.

    View key operational reports, live KPI updates and crew productivity reports showing day by day totals. Access all defect reports via the one-click download function or an automated daily email.

    All Drainage Assets

    A system for all drainage assets. Points, Lines & Areas

    map16 has designed more than just a gully maintenance system. We are capable of collecting all drainage assets and inspection data, including routine cleansing of gullies, catchpits, soakaways, weir kerbs, grips, cattle grids and any other requirements. Above all, these can all be linked to mapped linear drainage features to complete the most detailed picture of your network.

    Risk Based Approach

    Make decisions based on data. Prioritise, optimise and reduce.

    We focus our drainage solution on a risk-based approach, making key decisions based on accurate data. Integrate all risk data including Environment Agency flood layers, silt levels, elevation models and insurance claims. Prioritise, optimise and reduce.

    Custom Design

    Design a system bespoke to your organisation

    All contracts are different with their own specific requirements, so no standard, off the shelf product will work for every client. This is why, as part of every setup, we design every client their own unique system. We are able to provide efficiencies like no other system by creating unique solutions to solve every day problems.

    Gully Sensor Integration

    Integrate all gully sensor feeds into standard gully cleansing systems.

    We design all our gully management systems to visualise and interact with gully sensor data. Feeding in live sensor data allow office staff or teams on the ground to react to actual information being produced by the sensors. Add cleansing records against a gully with sensors in, allowing pre-warning cleansing regimes.

    “The outcome based approach of map16 has allowed us to transform the drainage service in Essex...The move to a risk-based cleansing approach has so far saved Essex over £250,000"

    Will YoungInnovation and Efficiency Manager, Essex Highways

    Essex Highways
    Case study

    Essex has 8,000km of highway with around 310,000 drainage assets that need to be maintained regularly and at different frequencies throughout the year, including 83,000 priority network gullies. Essex Highways wanted to optimise the cleansing and jetting of their gully assets. Initially, gullies were cleansed on a district by district basis with a priority network completed once per annum.

    The Approach

    map16 processed and analysed 4 years worth of historical drainage data from Essex Highways’ previous maintenance system. The information was used to create a bespoke risk centric asset management system, designed and built for the specific needs of the client. This allowed Essex Highways to effortlessly monitor cleansing schedules across their PR1 and PR2 networks, without needing to wait until a priority model which took into account historic silt levels could be introduced.

    The Benefits

    As a result of the risk analysis caried out, Essex Highways have managed to achieve a cleansing reduction of 40%, allowing further resources to be allocated to the local road network and saving the deployment of additional crews for cleansing. They have also seen substantial financial savings of over £90,000 per annum. We have provided a future proof solution as all of Essex’s assets can be collected, mapped, and maintained on one complete system, for the lifetime of the asset.

    Assets Managed
    Inspections Collected
    Km Highway Managed

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