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What Is Our Solution?

map16 has designed more than just a gully maintenance system. We are capable of collecting all drainage assets and inspection data, including routine cleansing of gullys, catchpits, soakaways, weir kerbs, grips, cattle grids and many more.

No more work packages. Sync county wide datasets to every device.

Our innovative new way of collecting data, allows a one-time setup that enables constant working with no need of creating separate work packages. Set custom map visualisations such as parked car revisits to enable teams to get key information live in the field. As a result, dramatically reduce or even remove the need for any office interaction throughout the yearly gully maintenance.

Change the way you work, let map16 dashboards do the work for you.

View key operational reports. Live KPI updates, crew productivity reports showing day by day totals. Access all defect reports via a one click download button or even an automated daily email.

A system for all drainage assets. Points, Lines & Areas

map16 has designed more than just a gully maintenance system. We are capable of collecting all drainage assets and inspection data, including routine cleansing of gullies, catchpits, soakaways, weir kerbs, grips, cattle grids and any other requirements. Above all, these can all be linked to mapped linear drainage features to complete the most detailed picture of your network.

Make decisions based on data. Prioritise, optimise and reduce.

We focus our drainage solution on a risk-based approach. Making a key decision based on accurate data. Integrate all risk data including Environment Agency flood layers, silt levels, elevation models and insurance claims. Prioritise, optimise and reduce. We work will all our clients to ensure they getting the most from their data.

Integrate all gully sensor feeds into standard gully cleansing systems.

We design all our gully management systems to visualise and interact with gully sensor data. Feeding in live sensor data allow office staff or teams on the ground to react to actual information being produced by the sensors. Add cleansing records against a gully with sensors in, allowing pre-warning cleansing regimes.

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Design a system bespoke to your organisation

map16 believes that no standard, off the shelf product will work for every client. All contracts are different with their own specific requirements. This is why, as part of the setup, we design every client their own unique system. We are able to provide efficiencies like no other system, as we can create unique solutions to solve every day problems. All this is done as part of the standard setup.

Assets Managed

Assets include all type of gullies, catchpits, weir kerbs, soakaways, linear drainage and much more.

Inspections Collected

Total inspections collected in the field with our tablets using both live and offline capabilities.

Km Highway Managed

Kilometers of highway managed across the UK. Including both mapping and inspections.

Monitor Live Data

View assets, live inspections and historic data. Query, export and create maps. Utilised as a tool for resolution of service queries. Increase revenues by building a smarter operation. Automated creation of digital tipping logs. geospatial tracking of tipping locations with year on year data.

Follow your teams progress day by day. View your current status against KPI’s. Track live daily outputs. Monitor efficiencies and create bespoke reports with a touch of a button. User friendly map interface showing live updates of current maintenance activities.

Our Happy Clients

See how our diverse range of clients that have adopted the map16 system as an integral part of their asset management solutions.

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