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What Is Our Solution?

map16 has designed a complete end to end gully sensor solution. Our extensive understanding of the industry and innovative approach have allowed us to create a robust scalable sensor solution for gully management. Our aim is to provide sensors at a price point that enables large scale deployments and that facilitates considerable efficiencies across county wide areas.

Designed to give real time feeds on water and silt levels.

The map16 gully sensor has been designed in house to utilise the latest long-range communications technology (LoRa). The custom-designed electronics allows us to maximise battery life, signal range and reliability. Our innovative system provides our clients with live feeds showing water and silt levels. There are no mixed outputs, just the important information. Our ruggedised sensor can cope with the harsh conditions associated with drainage gullies and can easily cope with the impacts that come from a typical cleanse. The sensor itself is also able to operate whilst fully submerged during a flood event due to its high level of ingress protection (IP68). Not only this, but each sensor is designed to have battery life in excess of 5 years, minimising disruption to the network over a long period.

  • In-house designed IoT board
  • Focused on cost reductions
  • Water & Silt Levels
  • 5+ Years of battery life
  • No maintenance required
  • No need to remove the sensor when the gully is cleansed
  • Ruggedised design built to withstand cleansing

Creating our clients a custom IoT network as standard.

  • Up to 10km of range
  • Connect up to 1000 sensors to one gateway
  • Custom smart city network

From our experience, we have found it is vital to create a custom IoT network to ensure 100% connectivity on large scale deployments of subsurface sensors. As standard, we install our custom designed IoT gateways with every sensor deployment. Our weather-proof gateways (IP67) utilise industry standard communication technology which allows complete integration for other connected devices, not just gully sensors.  We provide two types of gateway; direct street lighting infrastructure connection or for more remote locations, solar powered gateways.

Simplify the way you view and analyse IoT data.

Our web dashboard is designed around our popular asset management system. The system consists of four main elements:

  • Live Dashboard
  • Map Views
  • Forecasting
  • Analysis Dasboard

The aim of our system is to provide users access to IoT data in an easy to use format. Making IoT accessible for everyone.

Using machine learning to provide flood risk warnings.

  • Pre-warning notifications
  • Export data of assets at risk
  • View live weather radar and forecasts

Using a combination of machine learning and big data analysis, map16 can combine detailed weather forecasting and the IoT data storage to provide gully risk forecasting.

Comprehensive analysis of gully behaviour can be correlated with weather events to allow the creation of detailed models. Our notification system gives clients pre-warning of possible flood events.

Visual impacts of weather events on your drainage assets.

  • Identify impacts of different weather events
  • Monitor time; to flood, in flood, out of flood
  • Highlights problem gullies
  • Adopt a target cleansing regime based on real time data

Using the latest machine learning techniques, visualisation can be created, including time lapse models and swipers. Swipe from right to left to show how your gully network reacts to weather events using IoT data.

Simplify the way you view and analyse IoT data.

  • Identify gullies that need cleansing
  • Adopt sensor based cleansing regimes
  • Big data analytics giving usable outputs

map16 is using big data analytics to provided useable outcomes for our clients. Key information of what gullies actually need cleansing and what optimisations can be made. Use real data from our sensors to create risk based cleansing regimes.

IoT integration into all mobile devices.

  • Interact with sensor data on all tablets
  • Collect inspections against each sensor
  • Navigate directly to assets at risk

Create the complete sensor solution by integrating the data into all mobile devices being used for gully cleansing. Automatically visualise the condition of assets on every tablet and add sensor cleanses or inspections into one centralised system.

Changing perceptions of what’s possible

map16 is focussed on providing a low cost, extensive gully sensor solution that can be installed in large quantities across county wide areas. Designing and manufacturing every aspect in-house allows us to be agile, enabling a quick response to large scale customer requirements.

Without a dense deployment of sensors, it’s difficult to draw conclusions about the state of a network and how it reacts to weather events. Only by creating a completely connected drainage network can you get new insights and take optimised cleansing to the next level.

Case Study

See how our clients are using map16 to bring optimisations and efficiencies. Find out what we are providing and how this could be used within your organisation.

IoT Gateways

Number of IoT gateways installed across Maidstone, to provide 100% connectivity for all sensors.

IoT Gully Sensors

Number of gully sensors installed in strategic areas across Maidstone.


Percentage optimisation identified from gully sensors data.

Creating a smart city network with 100 connected gully sensors across Maidstone.

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The project provided clear outputs from all sensors installed. The system displayed live feeds showing water and silt levels of each sensor. Email notifications were successfully used to show flooding events and pre-warning of extreme weather events.

The gully sensor system was seamlessly integrated into Kent’s existing map16 platform, providing a common location for all drainage works. It has been designed to scale seamlessly with large deployments with no additional setup.

The key ambition of the IoT gully sensors was to provide us with real world robust data that allows for significant reductions in cleansing and real time flood warning. Using the IoT big data in combination with weather data, the system has provided evidence for an 83% reduction of cleansing across these areas.

Our Happy Clients

See how our diverse range of clients that have adopted the map16 system as an integral part of their asset management solutions.

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