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What Is Our Solution?

map16 provides a solution to map 100% of your drainage works electronically. Including planned and reactive works an emergency callouts.

Work on any asset, county wide, without work packages.

map16’s innovative new way of collecting and integrating large scale data, allows drainage operators to work on every asset in a county wide area, without the need for work packages.

Collect points, linear or polygon features, including flow direction and an unlimited amount of images.

Collect 100% of your drainage data electronically.

Our planned and reactive works solution covers all additional works being carried out on the highways networks. This includes high pressure jetting, CCTV drainage, remedial repairs and much more. We provide ruggedised mobile tablets with the latest mobile data collection app. Collect all task order jobs, create bespoke records with the ability to map the surrounding infrastructure whilst on site. Creation of automated task logs, saving admin resource.

Re-design Job Sheet Workflows with automated PDF reports.

Our innovative solutions allow our clients to collect data in the field and utilise this information to populate their daily job sheets. Cut out all paperwork and increase operational efficiencies. As soon as a team complete their planned and reactive works, reports are generated and emailed to key parties. Forget losing job sheets by storing data in an easy accessible location.

Reveal the hidden data.

Identify key, high risk hotspots. Map and visualise work streams that are not normally mapped. Collect data from emergency jobs including flooding, blocked drains, oil spills, paint spill, road traffic accidents and much more.

Track and log your reactive and emergency orders.

Gain access to a live stream of information.

Follow every crew’s progress across the network. Interrogate data in a map view or export the data into a spreadsheet format.

Over time, the dashboard can identify trends in jobs vs months of the year to predict future spikes in workloads.

Design a system bespoke to your organisation.

map16 believes that no standard, off the shelf product will work for every client. All contracts are different with their own specific requirements. That is why, as part of the setup, we design every client their own unique system. We are able to provide efficiencies like no other system, thanks to our unique solutions to solve every day problems. All of this comes as part of the standard setup.

Planned Jobs

Total drainage jobs recorded and mapped, reducing the need for paper and increasing efficiency.

Emergancy Jobs

Total emergency callouts mapped, increasing the understanding of risk hotspots.

Job Types

Type of worked carried out, including jetting, cctv, clearing floods, water spills and much more.

Planned and Reactive Works Made Easy

We offer a complete asset management solution for the drainage industry. We focus this around the additional drainage work streams. Collect geospatial for all works carried out. Meet the requirements for county-wide networks. With our mobile data connecting to a live reporting dashboard, we will change the way your business works.

Let map16 create your organisation a bespoke planned and reactive management system designed around your every business need. Use live intuitive dashboards to increase operational efficiencies and enhance user engagement.

Our Happy Clients

map16 provides a solution for every asset. A flexible and bespoke solution allows organisations to tailor an asset management system to their every needs.

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