Why have a system that shows key data and reportable information, and be restricted by user access.

Here at map16 we believe in empowering more people to see the benefit of geographic data, through systems that do not need a huge amount of experience or training to operate. All our systems have been built with the end user in the forefront of our mind.

Giving more people access to live data and easy to use reports, will increase efficiencies across any business. Thats why as standard, map16 provides unlimited user access to our web system to all our clients. It is in their hands how many, or how little users have access to their system. We have found if more people have access to data, there is less emails, phone calls and inevitably less queries.

map16 - Web Dashboard

Why not use a system that answers your questions for you

No matter if your organisation has 2 users or 2000 users, we provide this level of accessibility free of charge. There is no extra cost for adding additional users as time goes on. We are flexible to everyones needs.

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