Key Features

Key Features

Every key feature has been crafted to increase efficiencies by increasing the simplicity of our client workflows

Mobile Collection

Our innovative new way of collecting data, allows a one time setup that enables constant working, without the need for creating separate work packages. Set custom map visualisations such as parked car revisits to enable teams to get key information live in the field. Powered by the world leader in GIS technology, Esri.

key Features Mobile Collection
map16 - Inspection Dashboard

Inspection Dashboards

View key operational reports. Live KPI updates, crew productivity reports, showing day by day totals. Access all defect reports via a one click download button. Or even an automated daily email.

Asset Dashboards

Here at map16, we provide a simplified and easy to use asset management system, where clients can visualise and export asset attribute data with a click of a button. Automatic asset inventory creation, keeps track of new and existing assets on the network.

Map View

With unlimited user access to all our web dashboards, our clients can gain access to live inspections data and historic records. Generate detailed reports to answer queries across your highway network.

Risk Level Dashboards

In a risk based maintenance regime geospatial information can be used to create a targeted and more cost-effective approach. From analysis of simple historic data to flood zoning, population density, slope data, tree fall and insurance claims we create a detailed risk model of your asset datasets. Feed live inspection data into the risk model to give constant risk analysis of the network.
Key Features - Risk Level Dashboard
Key Features - Waste Dashboard

Waste Dashboards

Create a digital footprint capturing all waste disposal information. Collect all key data to create automated tipping logs. Capture photographic information of disposal tickets. One central location for all tipping records ensuring compliance with duty of care regulations, whilst improving internal efficiencies.

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