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What Is Our Solution?

map16 provide a complete solution for tree management to the BS5837 specification.

Use a system that meets the BS5837 specification.

To meet the BS5837 specification, map16 is able to visualise the crown spread taken at four cardinal points, showing the overall extent of tree canopies. This is available for individual trees, woodlands or substantial tree groups. Along with this, root protection areas can also be visualised within the mapping interface.

Bespoke designs can be incorporated to ensure every clients requirements are met.

Increase survey efficiencies.

Collect, visualise and report. Our mobile app provides easy functionality with increased user productivity, whilst still capturing key tree data. Work offline anywhere and sync data when available.

Map new tree assets, collect inspections and any works carried out. Use the data intelligently to take care of your tree management regimes.

Live dashboard reporting.

Our arboricultural dashboard brings asset and inspection data together in a map based view, which provides decision makers with all the facts in one place. Smart visualisation based on maturity, height, canopy size, condition and environmental variables giving a broader perspective when making key decisions. Create custom reports on specific assets or inspections, avoiding confusion and saving time. Focus on key areas and utilise map16 reporting tools to do the work for you.

Trees Mapped
Inspections Collected
Tree Works Mapped

Custom Deigned Tree Management Solutions

As part of our standard service, map16 can design a tree management solution that is tailored around every client. Why settle for an off the shelf system, when we can design your own. All of this bespoke design comes as standard and no extra setup costs.

We offer a complete tree management solution for the arboriculture industry. Collect new tree assets, create bespoke inspection records. Utilising our mobile solution connected to a live reporting dashboard.

Our Happy Clients

See how our diverse range of clients that have adopted the map16 system as an integral part of their asset management solutions.

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