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What Is Our Solution?

map16 provides the complete highway safety barrier mapping and management solution. Map all locations locations and collect digital inspection records.

Stop the need for paper records. 100% electronic data.

Change the way you manage your safety barriers. Create 100% electronic information. We design bespoke inspection records with the ability to attach images or videos. Our user-friendly mobile collection interface allows teams to work with or without phone signal. Become more efficient using map16.

Monitor works live from the field. Map and data views.

map16 provides bespoke web dashboards designed around VRS requirements. This includes inspection, re-tensioning and defect monitoring. Transform the way you collect and manage your safety barriers data. View live data from teams in the field, monitoring contractual completions as you go.

Electronically map every barrier accurately and efficiently.

Accurately map every safety barrier across your network. Collet asset information against the industry standard requirements. Automated start and finish co-ordinates as standard. The ability to collect approach sections, barrier sections and departure sections  creates a clear view of your network. Add images and specific point defect locations.

Collect data for all requirements. Inspections & re-tensioning.

Why not use a system that lets you collect every requirement. Mapping, inspections and re-tensioning.

Create inspection records against terminals and barriers. Map accurate defects locations along each barrier. Re-tensioning can be made simple by focusing on temperature with automated torque values, percentage complete and any defects found.

Increase efficiencies through automated processes.

map16’s whole ethos is to automate processes that will increase efficiencies for our clients. Every aspect of our safety barrier module can be automated. This includes start and finish coordinates, combined with auto creation of inspection and re-tensioning records. Once data has been inputed on the tablets, map16 does the rest. PDF reports can automatically be generated and emailed to interested parties.

Meters Mapped

Total length of VRS mapped across the UK. Creating an accurate inventory.

Meters Inspected

Changing VRS inspection methods from paper to geo-located inspection data.

Meters Re-Tensioned

Collecting exactly what has been re-tensioned against each barrier section.

Change how you collect and manage your VRS data

map16 provides a complete mobile and web based
solution to map and inspect VRS assets. This includes standard inspection, as well as re-tensioning. Create an accurate, geographic inventory of all your VRS assets. We also provide the ability to collect exact defect locations along a barrier section.

Access live mapping and inspection data for all VRS works. Collect an accurate and up-to-date barrier inventory, with a simple, easy to use mobile collection solution. Remove all manual processing. View all barrier data in a clear visual dashboard and query all data through an easy to use map view.

Our Happy Clients

See how our diverse range of clients that have adopted the map16 system as an integral part of their asset management solutions.

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