Invasive Weeds

Mapping, Inspection & Treatment Solution

What is our solution?

iPad + Battery Pack
Latest hardware provided. Ensuring the highest data quality and increased working time.
One Time Setup
Designed to work for a full grass cutting cycle with no interaction from office staff.
Map Weed Locations
Map areas of invasive weeds. Map treatment locations with automatic square meterage.
Treatment Records
Remove all paper work. Collect and visualise treatment data live from the field
Web Dashboard
A dashboard that gives you everything in one place with detailed reports done for you.
Reduce Back Office Resource
Let the map16 system do the work for you and focus resource elsewhere

Map Locations & Treatment Areas

map16 provides the complete solution for invasive weed mapping and management. Create accurate records of the area covered by the all types of invasive weeds, including Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Mares Tail and Himalayan Balsam. Produce data in a GIS polygon to automatically calculate m2 coverage and shape on the highway.

Create A Complete Electronic Inventory

Improve asset inventories by logging new sites against existing client IDs, including collecting images automatically linked to collection data.
Follow your teams progress day by day with live updates from the field. Improve operational efficiency by creating automated invasive weed reporting.

Case Studys

We offer a complete asset management solution for the invasive weeds. Map new locations, treatments, automatically produces key GIS datasets. Meeting requirements for county-wide networks. With our mobile data connect to a live reporting dashboard, we will change the way your business works. See how it is working day in day out for our happy customers below.

Kent County Council
Luton Borough Council
Gloucestershire County Council
EEG - Euro Environment Group
Volker Highways

Let map16 create your organisation a bespoke a invasive weed management system designed around your every business need. Use live intuitive dashboards to increase operational efficiencies and enhance user engagement.

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