A system that will manage and visualise your asset data for you

View and interrogate your asset data like never before, access key data within 2 clicks

Change the way you work, let map16 dashboards Do The Work for you.

Here at map16, we provide a simplified and easy to use asset management system, where clients can visualise and export asset attribute data with a click of a button. Automatic asset inventory creation, keeps track of new and existing assets on the network.
  • Custom Designed
  • Detailed Asset Reporting
  • Export Data In 2 Clicks
  • Export To Any Format - CSV, Shp, PDF, GeoDB
  • Live Inventory Creation From Mobile Devices
Different Asset Dashboards An Counting
Custom Designs
Different Asset Types

Visual Overview Of Asset Figures

Visualise key asset information in a clear dashboard. We custom design each asset dashboard to meet your organisations requirement. View newly collected asset information, which is integrated into our mobile collection solutions.
map16 - Asset Dashboard

Detailed Asset Reports

Bespoke asset reporting sections, let you visualise and export all key datasets. Increase efficiencies with our 1 button export functionality, we have done the hard work for you. No more filtering spreadsheets or databases.

Parish By Parish Reporting

Report in any boundary format, including borough, ward, parish, town, area or district. Our systems creates detailed reports on asset information within each key area. Quickly and easily search your location and see exactly the asset number and any other key information required.
map16 - Asset Dashboard
map16 - Asset Dashboard

Live Inventory Creation

Let map16 automatically create your asset inventory. Designed around your specific requirements, ether asset by asset or creation of road by road inventories. Automatically updated from field users, reducing time spent in the back office.

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