map16 - Inspection Dashboard

An inspection dashboard we always wanted

An inspection dashboard designed to give operational staff access to live reports created to reduce wasted time and increase efficiency.

Change the way you work, let map16 dashboards Do The Work for you.

View key operational reports. Live KPI updates, crew productivity reports, showing day by day totals. Access all defect reports via a one click download button. Or even an automated daily email.
  • Custom Designed
  • Automated Reporting
  • Export Data In 2 Clicks
  • Export To Any Format - CSV, Shp, PDF, GeoDB
  • Live Feed From Mobile Devices
Different Layouts An Counting
Different Inspection Types
Custom Designs

KPI Reporting

Our KPI reporting gives live measurable value from Geospatial data, that demonstrates how effectively your company is achieving key business objectives. KPI tracking can be done using the dashboard, giving your entire organisation insights into your current data collection or inspection performance.
map16 - Inspection Dashboard
map16 - Inspection Dashboard

Crew Productivity Reports

Track individual teams productivity day by day. Create better co-ordination between operations and field operatives. Identify deficiencies in performance against set targets. Everything needed is at your fingertips. Reduce time spent hunting for that data set. Export exactly what is required.

Defect & Silt Level Reporting

Bespoke designed defect or conditional reports, allowing our users to visualise key information. Export everything as a whole, or drill down to specific defects of choice. Use conditional information to raise further works.
map16 - Inspection Dashboard
map16 - Inspection Dashboard

Road By Road Reporting

Detailed reporting of work carried out on every section of road across your network. Highlights key asset or inspection information by unique road reference which avoids confusion and saves time. Create detailed query based on geospatial location and date requirements. Export to csv, pdf or print.

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