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The next generation of mobile asset collection

map16 provides a mobile solution designed to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Collect new assets and live inspections. Using Esri Collector on iOS or Android.

Save time, money and Increase productivity.

Our innovative new way of collecting data, allows a one time setup that enables constant working, without the need for creating separate work packages. Set custom map visualisations such as parked car revisits to enable teams to get key information live in the field. Powered by the world leader in GIS technology, Esri.
  • End Of Back Room Processing
  • End Of Work Packages
  • One Time Setup
  • Work Offline
  • Automated Revisit Maps
  • OS Mastermap As Standard
What Do We Provide?
The latest iPads or Android devices, including a rugged battery pack to keep teams working throughout the day. To increase locational accuracy we also integrate our devices with higher accuracy GPS receivers.
What can you collect?
Simply, every asset or work-stream required. This is a system designed to keep all assets in one location creating a standard across your organisation. Collect points, lines and polygons.
Does It Work On iOS And Android?
Our data collection used works equally as well on both iOS or Android devices. Whether you already have a fleet of devices or want us to supply all the hardware. We can provide a solution to meet your every needs.
How will it benefit your organisation?
Standardise your data collection process across all assets and work-streams. Drive efficiencies through accurate data, faster reporting. Use a solution that lets you collect large scale datasets with ease. Don't let the mobile collection reduce productivity.
Assets Mapped
Inspections Collected
Workstreams Available

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