grass cutting management

Grass Cutting Management

By Grass Cutting Management

map16 offers a complete digital mapping service that allows it’s users to visualise and interact with areas that need grass cutting management. Areas that require grass cutting can be inspected using tablets by ground crews; they can select areas/lengths and highlight whether works have been completed successfully or not, all backed up with an unlimited amount of images. This simple process can clearly indicate works that have been undertaken across a given area.

This use of technology allows the ground crews to know what has been completed and what needs to be completed next, just by looking at a map. This workflow gives crews less interruption and allows them to cover more area without the need for constant communication with office staff. It’s a simple method to improve productivity.


Office staff can access live data being collected by ground crews instantly by using map views, allowing them to revise or query what work the crews have done. Having this access makes sure that the time is being utilised in the best way.

A unique dashboard visualises work completion, whether that be in kilometers or acres, and how much has been completed and how much remains. This way of showing information makes it quick and easy to process exactly where you are with your programme.

Here at map16, we have also developed the latest in grass cutting management sensor technology. These sensors have the capability to give you precise indications as to when a grass area needs to be cut. Our grass cutting sensor can take into account not only the height of grass but also the density, and with movements everywhere to help the local wildlife by leaving grass areas for as long as possible. This useful piece of technology can help with the process.

Set up can be based entirely around your specific parameters. The use of our system in this area has proven very successful and continues to draw interest – the simplicity of the interface and implementation makes day-to-day work straightforward for everyone.