map16 has been an ongoing 5 year project to create a new way of collecting and inspecting large scale data, but also being simple and easy to operate for the end user.

Whilst we aimed to make it user friendly, it still had to capture the essence of a fully integrated asset management system.

With years of testing the market, from mobile GIS collection solutions to fully integrated enterprise asset management system, it gave map16 the knowledge to design a completely new system based around modern web GIS technology.


The obvious choice became apparent when we decided to embark on becoming an ESRI partner. Their mapping engine, allowed us to develop new ways of collecting large scale data, whilst providing the flexibility for changes to be made without huge development, saving time and more importantly cost for our clients.

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map16 uses Ordnance Survey data to provide accurate data collection solutions for every highway asset or work stream. These include gully maintenance, grit bin maintenance, arboriculture, grass cutting, traffic signs and all other works carried out on UK highways. Our key focus is to provide solutions that give our clients an innovative approach to risk-based maintenance regimes. Geospatial information can be used to create a targeted and a more cost-effective approach to highway maintenance.

OS is Britain’s mapping agency. As well as making the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country, it is also a digital business. Together with its Partners it provides content helping governments, companies and individuals to be more effective both here and around the world.

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Our ethos is to give our clients a new experience when using fully integrated mobile and web technology. We want people to use our system and not find it a chore day in day out. We pride ourselves with systems where data can be accessed within two clicks. This simple idea increases user engagement and allows every client to get exactly the data they require.

The idea of giving more and more users, access to the map16 system is one of our core goals. This is why whenever our mobile solution is being used, we provide unlimited web user access to every client. Even if its they have 2  to 2000 users.

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We provide industry standard mobile data collection solution for every highway asset, including drainage maintenance (All drainage assets), grit bin maintenance and management, arboriculture, grass cutting, traffic signs and safety barriers, just to name a few.

The map16 systems can be tailored to anyones needs and if we don’t have exactly what is required, we can build it for you for no extra cost.

Get in touch an see how we can provide your business with a solution to meet your needs.

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